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July 20, 2017
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September 10, 2017
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1.) She’s been featured in Oprah’s book club.
2.) She hails from the West African Nation of Cameroon.
3.) She’s an author whose debut novel, Behold the Dreamers, was a New York Times and Washington Post Notable Book of the Year.

Here’s what she has to say about Threelly:

“Our world is in need of greater understanding and with its well-curated videos, Threelly is making a contribution to that understanding by educating us on our unlimited potentials and capacity to make a difference.”

Imbolo Mbue

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I’m so honored to have met this incredibly bright and inspiring author.

She’s the true embodiment of hard work, perseverance, and dreams come true. This hits particularly home to me because “we all are dreamers”. Every single individual I’ve ever met has a dream of their own – health, wealth, happiness, success or whatever you think of – it’s probably in someone’s dreams.

I’ve been privileged to meet a lot of people in my years of creating content and networking. It’s hard to find someone so bright, yet, so incredibly humble. I would urge you to google her name (Imbolo Mbue) and read her story.

Here at InspiredLiving101 and at Threelly, we are huge fans of her work. Grab a copy of her book (or maybe several copies). Read one, give the others as gifts to friends and families who all have dreams of their own:


Stay Humble! Stay Strong!

Fru Nde
Fru Nde
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