There are often times in my life when I sit and reminisce about the village I grew up in and how far I have come.

It was a very hilly region in the North Western region of Cameroon. My village was at the bottom of a valley; surrounded by a crescent-shaped hill that formed a semi-boundary around the village.

Being at the bottom of the hill, the village soil was highly fertile and agriculture was the main source of subsistence living for most villagers.

But due to the increasing population growth, the fertile soil on which to grow crops was quickly running out.

Fortunately, atop the hill that surrounded our village, there was fertile ground on which plantains, yam, beans and other crops the village depended on was grown. But in order to get to that fertile grown meant a serious trek up the steep hills.

It was often challenging to maintain fields up the hill, but the villagers (like my parents and grandparents) who did were often rewarded with greater yields with which to feed their families.

As a little boy, I grew up climbing these hills to harvest food and I have been climbing hills all my life. While I am aware that everybody climbs hills and faces obstacles in their lives; I also believe that the successes we achieve may well be based on the foundation upon which one walks, how steep the hills they climb and how firmly they took each stride.

As I look back, I realize that the challenges I have faced in climbing hills have enabled me to find a strong footing within situations that have not been altogether stable.

As beings, we are all bound inextricably by the common fate of struggle and adversity. We all face challenges and those that can’t adapt don’t survive.

I have learned to adapt and I see the continuous evolution of my life as one more steps that direction; whether it is in business or in charity, in leadership or in service.

Through hard work and the limitless sacrifices of many around me; I have been fortunate, lucky and blessed enough to earn a solid foundation for a good life (love, wealth, health and happiness).

When I look at my future, I see it shining bright and full of limitless possibilities. As I move forward in life, I remain dedicated to continuing drawing from my roots of struggle, courage, and perseverance in order to inform my future decision.

There are many hills to be climbed. But I remain infinitely encouraged. Climbing hills to me as I did back in my little village is a journey of faith and courage in the face of adversity. It is that journey that has taken me to where I am today.

I am confident with each step forward, uphill onwards; that my determination, perseverance and tenacity will only lead me to higher heights of glory.

I remain infinitely blessed, forever grateful and indebted beyond imagination for all who’ve crossed my paths and helped me along the journey.

The list is (really) long and if success truly came from standing on the shoulders of giants; I’m graciously proud to have been surrounded by the giants of giants.

As I stand; Mine remains a story of possibilities, a story of Perseverance, a story of Opportunity, a story of Dedication, a Story of Climbing Hills to greater heights.

And above all – it remains still a work in progress!

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