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December 4, 2017
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December 4, 2017
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1.) Hey!…What would you achieve if you had a little bit more CONFIDENCE in your life? Maybe you would ask that girl/guy out on a date. Apply for that job. Express your feelings to a partner. Write a little more. Go on an adventure. Speak up in public to a big crowd?
2.) We all know Confidence is a key ingredient for SUCCESS. But surprisingly, most people have little understanding of how to develop it.
Here’s my simple lesson for you. If you act the way you want to feel, you begin to feel the way you act. Meaning…We don’t become confident inorder to act. We act inorder into be confident!
Yes, that seems reversed, but…it’s very true!
3.) How should you “act” inorder to become more confident? Try…
->Being a front row seater. ->Making direct eye contact.
->Having a firm handshake.
->Walk 25% faster.
->Have a straight posture. ->Speaking up and clearly. ->Smile big and laugh out loud.
And here’s the kicker….Once you start acting with confidence, you begin to naturally feel more confident. Which is what we all want!

Stay Confident! Stay Humble!

Fru Nde
Fru Nde
Life is too short to be Boring. Be Inspired! Be Inspiring to others. Thousands of lives have been impacted by this message. I hope to impact many millions more.

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