1.) Caves – Terra incognita! They are the final frontier of human exploration. They are the least explored parts of our planet. They symbolise our ultimate fears and inhibitions. Dark, underground, windy, narrow, wet and full of unknowns. 

2.) For those willing to conquer their fears and make that journey down into the darkness, the sight can be spectacularly beautiful. Carefully chiselled out of the earth’s belly are some of the most impressive artworks known to mankind. They remind us of both the subtle passage of time and the relentless power of nature. Those two forces (time and nature) combined results in marvellous artworks well beyond our imaginations and capabilities.

3.) We can create Facebook, create Google, dig tunnels, build mile long bridges, create dizzyingly tall story buildings; but we CANNOT create Caves of this magnitude and grandeur. The most we can do is have an appreciation and respect for the unyielding forces of nature and time. The most we can do is sit back and wonder how this all happened. The most mankind can do is EXPLORE and PRESERVE these treasures for posterity.

I would leave you with what was inscribed in one of the caves message boards:

“Curiosity and desire for knowledge inspire cavers to search for what may exist down the next passage.”

Stay Curios! Stay Humble!

Wind Cave National Park – South Dakota, USA.

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