We exercise the body. Why not the brain? Fun exercises to try.

1.) Type on the keyboard with only one hand.

2.) Cook a meal without some of the key ingredients…like cheese or salt.

3.) Pick out your cloths and dress up for work with eyes closed.


=>Turn the pictures on your desk upside down.

=>Use only one hand to lace your shoes, button a shirt or get dressed. =>Read a book or novel out loud to your self (or a partner). =>Write a letter or brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.

=>Drive to work in complete silence. No radio or stereo in the car.

=>Close your eyes and navigate through your home (apartment). .


In all, the goal for these neurobics exercises should be simple. Break ROUTINES, engage your EMOTIONS and make use of your SENSES in new and exciting ways. Plus…it’s FUN too!!! .


Stay Healthy! Stay Strong!


[Of course, use caution and do so safely!!!]. .

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