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December 4, 2017
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December 4, 2017
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How grateful are you for where you currently live? Consider this story…
1.) Years back when I attended college, it was in a small town. I remember COMPLAINING each time of how small the town was. There was nothing to do. Nothing vibrant or fast paced to keep one engaged. All the while, I was longing to graduate and move out to the big city that was more fast paced.
2.) Fast forward a few years later. After graduation, I moved to a bigger city. Lots of people and things to do. Everything seemed to move fast. Like 100mph fast. Then I began COMPLAINING about how fast things were. There wasn’t any time to slow down and not be too busy.
3.) So regardless of the situation, there is always ways we can complain. Fortunately for me, out of this COMPLAINING, I realised something profound. Constant complaining is a symptom of LACK OF GRATITUDE.

If there is gratitude, there would be little room left for complaining. Remember: Whether you live in a big city or a small one; at least be grateful to live in a city in the first place. There are many folks who don’t even get the opportunity to live in cities (big or small) like we do!

Here’s my question to you…”What are you grateful for today?” .
Stay Humble! Stay Grateful!

Fru Nde
Fru Nde
Life is too short to be Boring. Be Inspired! Be Inspiring to others. Thousands of lives have been impacted by this message. I hope to impact many millions more.

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