It’s buying season, and most people are out shopping. Consider this…
1.) A delighted customer comes back from a shopping spree and loudly proclaims their accomplishment. “You won’t believe!”, they said. “I saved $700 shopping!”
2.) You think about it. It sounds fun and good. After all, Who wouldn’t want to save $700 like that. Then you step back and ask the simple obvious question…“How much did you spend to save that much?”
3.) See…savings is useless, until you factor in expenditure and margins in order to get the full picture. Saving $700 on a $30000 purchase isn’t nearly as impressive as saving $700 on a $1000 purchase.
So, shop wisely. And Remember: Earn (generously) like your life doesn’t depend on it. But spend (cautiously) like your life depends on it.

Stay Smart! Stay Frugal!

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