Who says a lion can’t claw down its opponents? Who says a lion can’t win games? Who says a lion ever concedes defeat?  Who says a lion ever gets caught up in the politics of the jungle? Who says a lion is ever domitable?  Who says a lion ever lets down its fans?

For a very long time, the Cameroon national soccer team have been known to be indomitable lions of the continent of Africa.

As soldiers of victory and ambassadors of glory, the Lions stood as a symbol of the courage, an emblem of the pride, and a testament to the tenacity of the Cameroonian people.

Once at the top of the soccer food chain, the proud lions of Cameroon would challenge, chase down and defeat any opponent who dared to stand in their path.

Once at the top of the soccer food chain, the proud lions of Cameroon would challenge, chase down and defeat any opponent who dared to stand in their path.

With humility, they built on their talents. With uncommon bravery, they faced their opponents. Employing sheer speed, formidable stamina and flamboyant agility the Lions, out witted, out manoeuvred, out played and out scored their opponents.

From the dusty soccer stadiums in Africa to the fancy mega domes in Europe, the lions roared with pride, securing victories after victories,  dethroning champions after champions and racking up trophies after trophies.

From the African nations cup to the Olympics and the world cup games, the lions utilised nimble footwork and fancy goals to baptise their victims with humiliation.

No coach, no team, no nation ever wished to cross the path of the indomitable lions and when they did, their egos were brutally wounded and crushed with a net full of goals.

But, in an ironic blaze of sorrow, the once indomitable lions of Cameroon have tumbled from their mountain of glory.

Now sitting in the dreaded valley of shame, and barely able to secure an obvious loss in any game, the Cameroon lions have been ridiculed and reduced to the status of jungle cats on the soccer food chain.

Not able to withstand the withering storm of petty politics, the lions have lost sights of the big preys and are now desperate to the point where cannibalism is rearing its ugly face in their mirrors.

Lions trying to tear each other down. Lions clawing each other out. Lions panicking in the face of pressure. Lions losing games after games. Coaches being hired and fired like shoe strings. Stadiums crumbling under the pressure of their own weight. Ministers becoming overnight soccer geniuses. Even Simba from Lions King would frown at what the Cameroon Lions have become.

But, who are we kidding? When is this nonsense going to stop? When are we going to get back the goldens days of Cameroon football? Who is going to coach the team for more than two years without being fired? Who is going to tell those players to stop fighting with each other and to concentrate on playing good football? Who is going to build us new stadiums? Who is going to tell the ministers that politics should be left to the politicians and that soccer should be left to the soccer players?

Obviously, with all these questions still unanswered, we the fans stand to be the ultimate victims. We all love cats, but nobody likes to go to zoo expecting to see a lion and gets presented with a cat. We need lions, not cats!

We like to see our lions in action, chasing out Eagles, biting down Elephants, and dethroning Pharoahs. We have braved the humiliating valley of shame for too long. Enough is enough. Lions wake up! You owe us Victory. And remember, You are still the King of the Jungle.

I repeat. You are still the KING of the Jungle!!!!

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