Life is not just words; It’s action.

When it comes to dressing, people think with their eyes and hear what they see.
February 15, 2016
If there was a choice, I would rather influence, than authorize.
February 17, 2016
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It’s easy to come across people who talk a lot.

If it were possible, they might very easily talk their way into heaven. Be leery of such people.

If someone says they love you, but they don’t treat you with love, then they clearly don’t love you.

If someone says a product can solve this problem, and can’t show it to you how it happens, then there is a problem.

Always, do due diligence and listen to what people say, but watch their actions.

If actions and words are not in unison, then there is a problem.

Fru Nde
Fru Nde
Life is too short to be Boring. Be Inspired! Be Inspiring to others. Thousands of lives have been impacted by this message. I hope to impact many millions more.

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