Optimism remains the #1 catalysts that drives us all forward. Here is why.

1.) If you have a car, you need brakes. Brakes are necessary, but they don’t drive the car forward. At the same time, riding in a car with no brakes is a very dangerous proposition.

2.) It’s a fine balance between braking and marching forward. It’s a fine balance between pessimism and optimism. But to have a NET forward motion whether in entrepreneurship, relationships or life; optimism needs to overcome pessimism. Hope needs to overcome fear. Forward motion needs to be stronger than braking action. Knowing that tomorrow will be better than today is all it takes. Knowing that next quarter, next year or next decades will be better than the current one is not naivety – It’s OPTIMISM! It’s HOPE! It’s BELIEVE!

3.) Because until we begin to HOPE more than we fear, until we begin to BELIEVE more than we doubt, until we begin to be OPTIMISTIC more than we are pessimistic…nothing will change!

Stay Strong! Stay Optimistic!

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