1.) Life is filled with pressures and life itself does NOT come with a pause button. But fortunately, our brains do.
The key is to find the PAUSE BUTTON FOR YOUR BRAIN and use it well. Feeling stressed, weak, tired or confused; wondering why you are doing things you are currently doing or simply needing a time-out to recharge and prevent burnout? All of these are good reasons to PAUSE.
2.) Pause for a second and think of something else. Maybe look out the window, up and away from the computer screen. Drink tea. Maybe take a deep breath. Go for a walk, or exercise. Listen to music, get a massage or a hot bath.
Do whatever works for you to pause, and then come back to the situation with a clearer mind.
3.) Giving yourself even a few extra seconds in most situations can make a difference between a good outcome and a really bad one. Plus, when things get heated (as they often do), pausing gives you a chance to rewind, make good decisions or choices.
Once things normalize, and you feel better – press the PLAY button again to continue with a clear mind!

Stay Humble! Stay Calm!

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