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There are lots of gems in Africa, and writing is one of them. I’m a big reader and supporter of African writers. With giants and pioneers like Chinua Achebe and Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o; you don’t have to look too hard to find great fiction and non-fiction to read and be richly entertained.

Reviewed: No Longer At Ease - Chinua Achebe

Book: No Longer At Ease. By Chinua Achebe

Obi was very smart in school as a young child. He was chosen by his own people and sent abroad to study. His time No Longer at easeabroad to a large extent was a failure. Upon return, he still holds a lot of promise and is poised to succeed. Instead, he faces more troubles and challenges.

With ambivalence towards his traditional culture and customs, he attempts to emulate European customs to demonstrate he is ‘advanced’. Obi was a man of admirable ideals, but when the going got tough, his values was broken. He took bribes and corruption which eventually lead to his inevitable downfall.

The story overall symbolizes the pressures and difficulties faced by someone who appears to embody an African success story. Yet, he is taken down by the propensity for corruption around him, fueled by obligation to support one’s clan, community and people.

  • As novel begins, we are introduced to a scene in the courtroom that makes us wonder, why does a man trained, well educated and with a good job face such a fate.
  • It is possible to have the world at your feet, but still be able to screw things up.
  • Obi is a very talented, well intentioned and educated graduated returning studies in England.
  • He had gone there through scholarship (loan) money from this village people.
  • Upon return, he had to establish a life for himself and repay that money.
  • Obi into the system of his country, and despite his good intentions, circumstances after circumstances started going wrong for him.
  • Holding strong to his ideals, he attempts to defy tradition in order to find his true love.
  • With time, relationship with his fiance crumbles and his financial situation is a complete disaster.
  • Despite his good job, at the end of the month he barely has money to live to the expectation of his class, not to talk of paying his loans and giving back to his family.
  • Obi employs strict austerity measures too, stops paying his back his scholarship loans and lives on a tight budget at home, but that doesn’t help either.
  • Soon he find himself digging deeper into one hole after the other.
  • Despite his bad romantic and financial situation, corruption around him continues and the temptation grows even bigger.
  • Obi caught between two world and two realities. He either stays true to his ideals and struggles through all the hardship that befalls him, or give in and take bribes as quick way to resolve issues.
  • The pressure eventually gets too much, he caves in and takes bribe.
    One, then two, then many to take care of his financial situation.
  • Still sticking to his ideals, Obi never felt comfortable with the situation, was ready to stop.
  • Just then, as he took the last bribe, he was caught in a sting operation, and his whole world comes crashing before him.
  • And then we are made to wonder, why does a man trained, well educated and with a good job face such a fate.
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