You can leave the ship in the harbor for as long as you want, but what good is a ship that doesn’t leave harbor? A ship is meant to be able to sail the open seas although the seas aren’t safe.

A ship is built to be out at sea, although dangerous, that’s what it’s for.

Like the ship, we are build to adventure, exists and have a purpose. We must take risks and potentially suffer for our dreams or goals.

If we don’t take chances in life, don’t try to make something of ourselves and just sit at home, we’ll be “safe”, but only because then we never have the chance to fail – or succeed.

Take chances, make mistakes and get messy! Without taking chances, there would be no progress or forward movement.

Play safe to the extent that you have achieved nothing at all,is that what life is all about?Calculated risks serve a purpose one needs to take them to make something of life.

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