I can’t answer that question for you, but here’s what I do know!
1.) I’ve had my fair share of schooling. I learned a lot. More importantly by going to school, I connected with many great and smart people. And in the process, I LEARNED HOW TO LEARN.
2.) But, the truth is that school no longer has a monopoly on knowledge or information. With the abundance of other knowledge sources like blogs, YouTube, google search, wikis and the like; the role of school as been expanded, out from the classroom, into everyday life.
3.) Does this mean we say “No” to school! Absolutely NOT! It simply means we become precise about what we get out of any schooling.
REMEMBER: School shouldn’t only give you something to hang on a wall. School should teach you how to knock-down walls!

Stay Curious! Stay Knowledgeable!

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