The Arrow of God (1964) by Chinua Achebe, is classic political and cultural novel that reminds of why Chinua Achebe remains one of the greatest literary minds we’ve had from Africa.

In this book, we see tension…with the characters (the villagers and the Europeans) constantly experiencing the tensions of being caught in the middle of two colliding and conflicting cultures.

As expected, the issues of colonialism are tackled along with the interaction of the Igbo with British rule and domination.

In the book, Achebe examines the effect had by the intermingling the colonial British power system along with the African tradition and customs. Conflicts within the Igbo society coupled with external forces of colonialism and Christianity results in disaster for the Igbo society. In the end, we see the society steering away from traditional norms and reorienting itself to Christianity.

Overall, its a great book with a lot of strong and highly developed characters. My review is brief because a lot of online resources have done even better reviews already.

Online Reviews:

Power quotes:

“Wisdom is like a goatskin bag; every man carries his own.”
― Chinua Achebe, Arrow of God

Conflict in Achebe’s Arrow of God

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