Hollywood has led us to believe in the “pursuit of Happiness”. I’m of the believe that “Happiness” in itself can’t be pursued! Here’s why…

1.) If we see someone “laughing”, we conclude that there is a reason for the laughter. If there is no reason, then it raises suspicion or ridicule. Why should someone just laugh for no reason? Same with Happiness!

2.) There have to be reasons for someone to be HAPPY. e.g. playing sports, writing, reading, raising a family, travelling, doing business, spending time with family and loved ones, serving, doing some meaningful work e.t.c

3.) When there are “REASONS” to be happy; happiness becomes automatic.

So, instead of “pursuing happiness”, go out and find REASONS TO BE HAPPY. Once you find those reasons, HAPPINESS would naturally follow!


Stay Happy! Stay Awesome!



Leave some reasons in the comments below on why you are Happy. Can’t wait to read.

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