Top Currated Videos to Learn All About Cryptocurrency and BitCoin

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December 4, 2017
December 7, 2017
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Cryptocurrency in general and BitCoin, in particular, is glowing red hot!!!! It’s literally going insane. There are people making boatloads of money right at this very moment, and others sitting on the sidelines being skeptical.

Regardless of where you stand, Threelly provides you with knowledge. Learn about Bitcoin with these curated videos. Add your favourite slices as you watch. Or share your favourite curated videos on cryptocurrency and bitcoin so others can learn as well. #Threelly

How the blockchain is changing money and business Don Tapscott YouTube

Explaining Bitcoin to a Fifth Grader George Donev TEDxYouthHPA YouTube

Blockchain is Eating Wall Street Alex Tapscott TEDxSanFrancisco YouTube

Intro to Bitcoin Vinny Lingham TEDxCapeTown YouTube

How blockchain technology can help build a transparent future Diana Biggs TEDxEastEnd YouTube

The Value Revolution How Blockchain Will Change Money the World Galia Benartzi TEDxWhiteCity YouTube

Intro to Bitcoin Vinny Lingham TEDxCapeTown YouTube

Bitcoin distributing power trust Eric Spano TEDxConcordia YouTube

Blockchain Disruption How Bitcoin Technology Creates a Sharing Economy Thomas Ramge TEDxHamburg YouTube

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