Trust your wings. Not the branch.

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February 7, 2016
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February 9, 2016
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A bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of falling. Not because it has trust in the branch. But because it has trust in it wings.

Trust is the big key here. I think too often people live the lives trusting the wrong things. They have trust in their jobs, trust in the schools, trust in other people, instead of having trust in themselves.

This post is not intended to advise anyone to not trust anyone or anything else for that matter. It’s more to remind us to trust in ourselves and our ability. And that means developing ourselves and our abilities to the point where we can put the trust in ourselves.

The common fear and analogy where this applies is the job. Being at the job, is like the bird that sits on a tree branch. Most people would rather work and makes themselves trust in the fact that the company would never let them go. They try to be the best employee, day in, day out. They put in extra hours and go the extra mile for the company. This is like the bird trusting in the branch they sit on. Making sure they sit on a branch that won’t break, or the biggest safest branch they can find.

Contrarily, as employees, we ought to have trust in ourselves and our wings. We ought to trust that if the company goes bankrupt, closes or lets us go, we still be not fall. In this case, the trust is in our wings and our ability to fly. We must make our wings so strong that no matter what branch we sit on, there is no fear, of falling, because we know our wings are strong enough to let us fly.

By nature, we trust people. We trust other things. But we rarely trust ourselves. Even when we trust in ourselves, it might come out as arrogant, bragging, or we suffer from impostor syndrome. So, we avoid trusting in ourselves when we really should more than anything else.

I believe most of us assume the best in those we meet. That’s not always the case, but often it is. it’s not bad to trust others. But, the most important part of this trusting thing is that others need to know they can trust us.

Everyday, i strive to develop my wings, so that i have less trust in the company and more trust in myself. If i lose my job today, no worries. If i get fired today, no worries. If my company goes bankrupt today, no worries.

My wings, would be strong enough so that i can fly, land a new job, or have enough savings to weather the storm. This means I constantly learn, develop new skills, connect and network, diversify my investments, never burn bridges, help others, have huge savings and a stable financial condition.

Doing all these are ways of putting ability in your wings, so you can trust in them, instead of just trusting outside yourself, i.e. a single company (a single branch), that can let you go at anytime.

Are you put putting your trust on your wings, or in the branch you stand on.

Fru Nde
Fru Nde
Life is too short to be Boring. Be Inspired! Be Inspiring to others. Thousands of lives have been impacted by this message. I hope to impact many millions more.

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