It is with much trepidation that I have to criticize my dear friend Google. I seriously think they are way ahead of their time and need to slow down. Humans are not as quick to accept change as we sometimes wish and not all innovative technological ideas are meant to succeed.

Recently, Google unveiled their latest laboratory concoction in the name of “Google Plus”. Google+ aims at taking a shot at the social networking sphere currently dominated by facebook. But, really? Is Google really trying to pick up a fight with facebook, or are they just flexing their muscles.

I love new technologies and new ideas but I am leery about the Google+ technology taking hold in any shape or form. The value of social networking from any perspective is a function of the size of the audience and usage. At this point, Google simply can boost none of those.

Unless there are no historians in Google labs to remind them of what happened to Google Buzz and Google Wave, or unless Google has something really radical up its sleeves, then I am pretty sure they are just gearing up for another innovative disaster.

Google Buzz was a total disaster; Google Wave is nowhere to be found and now comes Google+. Google Video, Google Lively, Orkut, Friend Connect, Google Page Creator, Google Latitude, Google Notebook, and the list of Googles failed inventions goes on and on and on.

Even though the act of forecasting the future of Google+ is not in my realm, I certainly know this technology would be in a gladiator war, where everyone gets bloody and some end up dead.

But in all, I can’t fault Google for the hard work they are doing. My only advice to their engineers is for them to keep their code and bring it up 10yrs from now. At that point, we would all be fed up with the current email clients and thus have a need for something like Google Wave. At that point we would be fed up with facebook and thus have need for something like Google+.

In the meantime, facebook is still too appetizing and the thought of ditching it for something else makes me grit my teeth in pain. As with everything else… ONLY TIME WILL TELL!

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