Who Wants To Meet You?
Are you the type of person that likes to dine and wine with the rich and the famous. You are not alone.
1.) Of course, who wouldn’t like to take pictures with Bill Clinton, dine with Bill Gates or wine with Richard Branson? It’s social proof, and that’s why many people get attracted to meeting with, taking pictures, dining and wining with the rich and famous.
2.) But success in life rarely depends on who you’ve met, taken pictures with or dined with. It comes from who wants to meet you. Who wants to dine with you. Who wants to take pictures with you. Who wants to hear what you have to say.
3.) To be the type of person other people want to meet takes time, but that has to be the focus. There are really no shortcuts. You do this by creating something of value. Being somebody that stands for something meaningful. Being the person that brings the best out of others.
This is the challenge I want to summon for each of us today. “Be the type of person other people want to meet.”.
Stay Humble! Stay Inspiring!

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